YOXO has hired 16 ALLY Consumers!


ALLY is pleased to announce a workforce augmentation at St. Paul’s own YOXO toys. YOXO was nominated as an ALLY Business Partner  for 2014. In 2013 YOXO hired 4 ALLY consumers to assist in the product finishes for their new YOXO product that was receiving national attention around the holidays.  The company grew and soon, they hired 4 additional ALLY consumers in 2014.  YOXO’s President Jeff Freeland Nelson has been pleased with the partnership between YOXO and ALLY, and announced last week that YOXO was hiring 8 additional ALLY Consumers to bring the total to 16 ALLY Consumers benefiting from employment at YOXO.  We are delighted with our continued partnership.  Thank you YOXO, for supporting ALLY’s uniquely qualified workforce!

ALLY People Solutions Fundraising Luncheon: Finding A Way. Together.

 Met New People and Met Funding Goal for Workforce Development Initiative!


On Veteran’s Day, ALLY People Solutions hosted its first annual Fundraising Luncheon at the Ties Event Center.  Over 150 guests joined us to honor ALLY participant, staff, community and business partner veterans and former service members and hear an inspired speech on Service to Community by Former Senator Becky Lourey.  Special Thanks to all who attended and received and ALLY Community Award:

ALLY Business Partner of the Year – Quanex Building Products – hiring ALLY Program Participants for over 20 Years – Thank You Quanex

ALLY Community Partner of the Year – Metro Transit – hiring ALLY Program Participants for Green Line Grand Opening and promotional positions.

ALLY Ambassador of the Year – Jeffrey Henneman of Thrivent Financial for his dedication to supporting the mission of advancing the career and life goals of people with disabilities.

ALLY Senator of the Year – Senator John Hoffman for his work on behalf of the disability and veterans’ community – supporting employment, equal opportunity and human services for those in need of support toward greater independence.

ALLY Volunteer of the Year – Eugene Mason who has served as the Chair of the Board for ALLY People Solutions and who is a parent of a program participant.

ALLY Consumer of the Year – Darrin R., who has advanced his career at Skylark Dry Cleaners by taking on a peer mentor and managerial role, receiving a promotion and benefits. He is a role model for his colleagues and fellow consumers alike.

Donors Make Impact

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 11.47.11 AMOur donors are Allies in this work. Donations have direct impact on the services we offer and we are thrilled to have partners as we walk together with consumers.

With your donation you can help us:

  • Purchase a van;
  • Sponsor opportunities for consumers to attend self-advocacy events;
  • Purchase computers and software for consumer computer labs;
  • Enable staff members to improve skills;
  • Purchase elevated gardens at our branches.

We invite to become an Ally. Your generosity has impact on the lives of our consumers. We are glad to count you as a partner in this important work. Finding a Way. Together.

Ally is a resource to people who are challenged by mental health conditions

Ally People Solutions is an approved vendor to provide pre-vocational and supported employment services to people who have mental health concerns. We can help by providing a supportive branch to attend, structure, a consistent schedule, social interaction and opportunities to develop new job skills or brush up on existing ones. People who use these services often have:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Depression
  • High Anxiety
  • Bi-polar
  • Schizophrenia
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Psychosis
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Organic Brain Deterioration

To find out how Ally People Solutions can help, Please call 651-288-8896 to speak with Joan Decker, Director of Consumer Supports and Staff Development. (JDecker@ AllyPeopleSolutions.org).